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Project Description

Game of Life Simulator is a fast simulator of the Conway's (and not Conway) Game Of Life.

The main objetive of this simulator was to allow the user to live change the algorithm parameters.

It's developed in C# using Windows Forms and PLINQ to exploit the potential of multicore processors.


  •  Export simulation to AVI video file. (New)
  • Variables as Algorithm, Maximum age, initial occupation and universe size are configurable.
  • On-Screen help pressing F1 key.


GoLS Screenshot 1GoLS Screenshot 2

Examples of the AVI Export function





Some interesting algorithms to test (by pressing A) are:
Algorithm Description
5678/35678 (chaotic) diamonds, catastrophes
/3 (stable) everythig is a spark
1358/357 (chaotic) amoeba balanced kingdom
23/3 (chaotic) "Conway's Game of Life"
23/36 (chaotic) "HighLife"
235678/3678 (stable) ink spot that dries quickly
34/34 (grows) "Life 34"

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